Saturday, April 26, 2008

BOW Challenge Complete; D6 Challenge

I wimped out and did D6 Challenge (which is very poorly named, as it's the simplest Dear Jane block I've done so far.) I was supposed to do D2 Mouse in a Mirror, which has, like, 29 pieces or something. Not this week. I just finished signing my siggies today, and except for a few finishing touches and a final recount; I'm done with them. Whew! A 29 piece block, however paper-pieceable, was just not going to happen. D6 took me about 20 minutes tops; it was... restful. I liked the way it turned out too. I had a bad moment when I thought all the remaining red fabric I had was cut just a smidge too narrow, then I found another big chunk. What a relief. Anyway, here it is. I think it looks very dramatic!

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