Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Siggies

These first two lovely siggies are from Canada, and they really reflect their Canadian roots. I love Monique Boucher's Fleur-de-lis. It's not hard to tell that she's from Quebec, non?
And this lovely from Windsor, Ontario is from Sherry Bedard. I've never seen a siggy done like this before. I love the flag fabric. It reminds me of the Olympics. I'm a little concerned that if I EVER get to actually MAKE this quilt, some of the embroidered text will go missing. It should still be legible though, and it's soooo pretty! I'm also not sure which end is up, but I decided that it bothered me more to see the flags flying upside-down (think mayday, mayday, SOS!), than to read upside down text. 8)

The next two siggies were from Mother and Daughter in Germany. My German is non-existent, but if I understand her letter correctly, Martha is 10 years old and lives in Korb, Germany, and has made a lovely free-hand machine embroidered kitty! (I see I missed the string there. Sigh.)
Martha's Mother, Regina, has made me this lovely machine embroidered flower siggy. They each sent pictures of themselves with their letters (I love that) and they have the CUTEST little doggy!

This last siggy, on a lovely batik from Mia Jansens of Geldrop, Netherlands highlights Winnie the Pooh. He's adorable! I'm a little concerned that the flowers ran a bit when I spritzed them with water while ironing, but thankfully, not enough to spoil it. (Man, some of these siggies come with almost permanent wrinkles. That's why I've chosen to send mine out in oversized envelopes, though folding down the ears is a good choice too. Folding in half, not so much!)

It will be 4 weeks Wednesday since my surgery. I had been doing really well, but then had a bit of a setback last week. Nothing serious, just a bit annoying and depressing because I thought I was PAST that part, you know?