Monday, May 30, 2011

May Project Day Fun

We had another lovely project day a few weeks ago.  Our theme project was scrappy nine-patch quilts.  Here is Virginia working on her blocks.
And here is Sheila, with Mary in the background.  We were glad to see Sheila's thumb had completely healed from our last project day.  (The paper plate she was carrying collapsed, and hot barbeque sauce spilled on her thumb - second degree burn, ER visit, special ointments. Yuck!)  She was very patient with us hovering over her in the kitchen this time.  8)
We were glad that Nancy was able to join us.  She's a very experienced quilter, who actually got her entire quilt top pieced during the time we had together.
Mary put together some very lovely leftover blue and brown polka-dot fabrics.  She came very close to finishing her top too.
Here is the layout of the quilt which Rachel and I pieced.  We split it up to take home so we could each assemble half the quilt.  Rachel is new to sashing, and when I picked up her half, the rows were sewn with the sashings together.  lol  That would be LOTS funnier to me if I hadn't done the exact same thing myself once  **blushes**.  Oh well, all fixed now.  8)
Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures of quilts in progress, but with luck, I'll be picking up some of the completed quilts at this week's meeting of the Blanketeers.  If I do, I'll be sure to share them then.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beautiful Flowers from a Budding Photographer

My friend's daughter, Krystian, took these lovely pictures.  Krystian is a young teen who wants to be a photographer.  I think what she has accomplished with her simple camera is amazing.  Her sense of color and composition are really wonderful.  I've told her to send me more, and I would post them here.  Enjoy!

I love the deep veining on this one: 

And the way this rose peaks through the leaves - I wouldn't have thought of that! 

I can never get vibrant yellows like this; they always wash out for me. 

This one was my favorite.  I just love the way the light glistens on the water droplets, and the ruffled edges are adorable.

I'm not even sure what flower this is, but I love the way it pops!

Let's all give Krystian some encouragement.  I think she definitely could have a real future as a photographer!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ethan's Quilt now has Borders

Ethan's quilt now has nice wide borders and I'm beginning to really like it.  I don't think it looks too busy anymore.  In fact, I'm looking forward to adding more embellishments.  I think I'll start with his name.  I'll use the orange fabric from the Card Trick blocks if I have enough left over. 
I can't let this one hang around.  I have to get moving on it if I want to show it off at guild in two weeks.