Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lots of International Siggies

It's been a banner week; I received 5 international siggies already!

This very french looking siggy is from Josette Bail in Marquise, France. I just love it! Josette's writing is gorgeous and the stampings appear to be hand-colored in at least four different colors. Exquisite! Josette told me in her letter that she lives near the "tunnel sous la Manche to go in England". It took me a moment to realize she was referring to the "Chunnel", a word which has probably been banned by the French word police - lol. I've read that all signage in France must conform to standard French, no french version of "Krispy Kreme" or "Qwik Wash" for them.

Here is a lovely siggy with a darling little embroidered purse on it from Elfriede Greslehner in Linz, Austria. I love the little flower with the yellow bead; it's so delicate. I wonder if Elfriede collects purses? Her letter had the prettiest over-sized stamp on it celebrating Pez candies. Can anyone tell me if that stamp is one of a series? I wish US stamps celebrated candy! lol

Here is Micki Butler's Irish harp siggy from Ireland. I've gotten to know Micki because she's been following my blog since she got my email a few weeks ago. She used to live in Texas but has since married an Irishman and moved to Dunfanaghy in County Donegal, Ireland. I love her siggy, which is a very unusual one. I had never seen one made like this before. Did you use a personalized iron-on transfer, Micki or is this a stamp? It's rather shiny, and this picture does not do it justice. The orange fabric is very pretty too; it actually DOES have the little waves in it, (those are usually scanner artifacts - lol). And I'll have to check, but I don't think I have another orange siggy, and I love orange!

This lovely little duck siggy is from Tonnie van der Borst in Rijsbergen, Netherlands. I would love to know if the duck was stamped or stenciled onto the fabric. It looks like it was stenciled, and I have never seen that done before!

I'm pretty sure that Tonnie's letter is telling me that she is sorry she doesn't speak English, but the rest of it is in Dutch (I think) so I can't be sure. Maybe someone can translate for me?

Dear Susan, Thank you for the siggy. Sorry maar ik schnjf geen Engels Sinds 20 jaar patch en quilt ik, meestat met de hand Nomaf oht 03 ben ik berig met de siggy niil en heb er +- 250 ontvemgen. Nog veel plezier met verzameler. Gnochen Tonnie

This very pretty rooster comes from Edda Bjork Hauksdottir in Iceland. It's lovely; the rooster looks to be very carefully cut from another fabric and ironed on. The embroidered flower is a very nice touch! The only unusual thing I see is that the siggy is completely anonymous. I don't know if Edda meant to leave it blank, or forgot to sign it (I've almost done that once or twice - caught myself stuffing an envelope with an unsigned siggy, oops!) I'm planning to ask her in an email soon, though if you would like to leave a comment for me, Edda, that would be wonderful! 8-)


Micki said...

Thanks for the introductions and so glad that you liked the siggy. I just use a stamp, but I had it especially made for me to represent Ireland. I am happy that you like the orange. I am afraid that I love bright, joyful colors.
Love your blog!

Millie said...

I just discovered your blog. Beautiful quilts!
~Millie from Texas~