Saturday, December 28, 2013

Crocheted Baby Layette Completed

I started crocheting with Grandma Vivian this past year, and this baby jacket was the first thing I completed.  Grandma helped me get started and showed me a few tricks, since she has made this pattern dozens of times.

I used one of her vintage patterns from 1950.  The jacket was supposed to have long sleeves.  I was short on yarn and wanted to save some to accent the bonnet and booties, so I shortened the sleeves.  I actually like the shorter sleeves better than the long "angel" sleeves called for by the pattern. I think they look more modern. :)

The pattern only specified one size, but the "poke" bonnet and the booties seem like they're intended for a much larger baby than the jacket.  I loved the jacket pattern, but I think I'll select a different pattern for the rest.

I finished the bonnet and booties while we were in Green Bay for Thanksgiving.  My sister held a baby shower at her home for her niece, Nellie.  I've known Nellie forever, so I had my present all ready.  Nellie was thrilled by the gift.  She safely delivered a beautiful baby boy just last week, so it's all good!  


quiltmom said...

What a lovely baby outfit and how nice that you were able to learn from your grandmother. I am amazed at all the beautiful things your grandmother is still able to do . I tried tatting once and found it incredibly challenging. It is so terrific that your gran finds pleasure in making beautiful things.
We were through the Canmore area in August and it was getting back together after the floods. The worst hit area High River which is south of Calgary still has some areas that are dealing with flood damage. They recently decided not to rebuild right down on the flats because of the danger of repeated flooding.
Wishing you a fabulous 2014.
Regards from Alberta,

Lawrence Taylor said...

A beautiful labor of love.

margaret said...

a very pretty outfit, like the varigated colours.My grandmother taught me to crochet about 58 years ago, did not do much but have recently tried to get back into it but struggle with the instructions and granny passed away in 1956 so cannot ask her.

Jeanne said...

Your baby gift turned out so cute! I'm sure it will look wonderful on the new baby. I used to crochet a lot before quilting took over.

Jo in TAS said...

Beautiful set, My grandmother tried to teach me to crochet when she was 92 but her memory had started to fail by then and we couldn't get past the chain, I've learnt a little more since then but have never attempted anything other than a square.
Ps lovely to see you back here x