Sunday, May 25, 2008

Please Help Grandma Vivian!

My 96 year old grandmother-in-law needs to find more of these quilt blocks. They are pre-stamped cross-stitch, individual quilt blocks that are about 12-14 inches square on white muslin. I believe the flower may have had a cross-stitch design on it too, but it was appliqued over as shown on the blocks that she has.

Grandma Vivian, who is absolutely wonderful for her age, is one of the crafting queens at her assisted living facility. She "inherited" an oddly small number of these nearly completed blocks, and wishes to find more to be able to make a nice sized quilt. Right now she just doesn't have enough to make anything "good". I think these are the sort of blocks that were purchased individually for whatever size project you desired. If anyone has any information on obtaining these or similar blocks; please either comment here, or reply to my Dear Jane posting. Thanks so much!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

BOW Challenge Completed; A6, Uncle Homer

This easy block has made me Susan-Jane 9,0,0,122. I've been too lazy to do the actual blocks of the week. This week was applique and I'm just not in the mood to fuss with it.