Saturday, March 27, 2010

English Garden Sampler - February Complete

I finished up all the white work that I was supposed to get done in February. If this keeps up, I might actually get to work on March's stitching in March. 8)

I'm afraid you have to enlarge these pictures to make the icky geometric waves go away.
I enjoy white work, the rope was especially fun to do. I memorized the repeat after a few repetitions, and it went really fast. Loading the needle with three different colors of floss, two of which were almost identical, was the hard part. lol
Eventually this part will have pearl beads that should really set it off well. Now I get to work on the second peacock. Stitching a picture is totally different from this geometric design; I'm looking forward to the change.


Terry said...

This is so so pretty. Can't wait to see the finish:) I am really enjoying watching yoour progress. You have inspired me to brush up my very rusty hand stitchery skills.

Sue-Anne said...

Your work is beautiful Susan. Looking forward to seeing more.

martha said...

Hi Susan The Sampler is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the support and thanks for passing it along! I do have 2 quilts, with backs, ready to be quilted and I'm not sure if i'll get to them. Do you want me to get them to you so they can be finished for the 42 in 42?

Also, some of the ladies in building 15 are working on a shower for me, no details yet but I'll make sure to get the blanketeers on there - you, Sheila, Virginia, Rachel, who else am I missing?

Shirley said...

Well done Susan, beautiful stitching. Every single stitch brings you ever nearer the finish. It will be magnificent.

Micki said...

You did a wonderful job...I can't wait to see it all finished!

Elly D said...

Beautiful stitching Susan. You have such patience!! I've had a long stitch project on the go for a good number of years. Maybe I should pull it out and work on it. My stitchery skills leave a lot to be desired so I do admire anyone who can stitch so beautifully. Looking forward to your progress too. ;)

Joy said...

You've inspired me to get out a few of my cross-stitch UFOs!! You do absolutely lovely work! thanks for sharing!!

Susan said...

Hello Susa,

Came to visit your blog and fell in love with the English Garden Sampler. I must put that pattern name on my list to look out for and buy. I have always loved peacocks and if our valley didn't act like an ampitheatre, we'd have one with our menagerie.