Saturday, April 3, 2010

International Siggy Swap - Willie Timmer and Thomas & Mary LeClerc

This gorgeous cross-stitched siggy came in the mail recently. It was made by Willie Timmer in the Netherlands. It is just stunning. I often wonder if the people who labor so much over each siggy are disappointed when they get my little stamped pony? I keep thinking I'll upgrade the mane & tail to turkey work or something, but there never seems to be enough time, and I end up just stamp stamp stamping away. I got these two terrific siggies from Thomas and Mary LeClerc, my first husband and wife siggy team. Thomas and Mary live in Pittsburgh, Kansas, where Thomas is a retired psychologist and an ongoing student of western US history. His working cowboy stamp and saguaro cactus fabric reflect his love of western culture. I particularly like the "vaya con Dios", or "go with God", salutation on his siggy, which emphasizes the importance of the Spanish influences on the American southwest.
Mary's siggy is Kansas all the way, with Sunbonnet Sue on a bright sunflower fabric. Just lovely! Mary LeClerc. Mary is working on a Dear Jane (like so many of us) and has just finished a wonderful Dutch Treat quilt. Her blog is here.
I was informed a few days ago that another one of my siggies apparently did not make it to its destination last year. Poor Elfriede has been waiting patiently practically forever. And here I don't have any siggies made up. Got to get busy on that, she has been waiting long enough!


Sue-Anne said...

Hi Susan. Another interesting Siggy post. You are going to have a wondeful quilt made up with them.

Annelies vdB said...

You have received very beautiful siggies !
Happy Easter !

Micki said...

You are getting some lovely siggies! It is fun!

Mary L. said...

Thank you for the sweet post, Susan. You do a great job of sharing.