Friday, March 14, 2008

Copied over from myquiltblog/SusanInTexas

I made this quilt out of all the leftovers from the quilt class I took in 1990 (finally finished that quilt in 2003). It was really hard in 2007 to find fabrics to match the 1980s colors; I had no idea fabric colors had shifted so much away from the dusty ranges of the 80s. The blue was the ONLY fabric in my LQS that coordinated well enough to use; though I had a few choices for the rose backing. I didn't buy quite enough of it though and had to improvise "ears" of color on the corners on the back. We decided to find it charming. I used all my leftover 2.5 inch squares to make the binding, which I think, really adds to the country flavor of the quilt. I definitely plan to use this binding idea again - it was very easy and fun to do.

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