Thursday, March 27, 2008

2008 Dear Jane Siggie Swap

I'm getting ready for the big 2008 Dear Jane Siggie Swap. I've got 100 blocks cut out, but nothing stamped or sewn yet. The crazy ladies on the siggie Yahoo group are generating messages by the gross; I'm almost afraid to find out just how many siggies I'm going to be expected to make! My "official" guess is 182 and that might be low. Yikes! I think I have enough fabric for about 200 blocks and I could probably get some more if needed (I hope not!)
Going into a stamp shop for the first time was trippy; it was like stepping over to the dark side for the first time. I had only heard of these cults of stamping and scrap-booking; I had never actually seen them first hand. The stamp store lady was very helpful and directed me carefully to the stuff meant to mark permanently on fabric. I was very pleased with the two stamps I chose; I hope I don't destroy too much muslin before I learn to wield them with skill. It's nice to have a plan. I was really starting to stress out last week because I didn't have a plan!

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