Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dear Jane BOW Challenge Complete

OK, I'm now Susan-Jane 3,0,0,44. I completed the Dear Jane BOW challenge this morning. I did block E2 (Merry May) instead of K8. The DJ quilt I'm working on is only going to contain the 36 blocks of the upper left corner of the original (as well as the corresponding triangles), so every time a block is specified that's outside the range of my quilt, I'm making the equivalent block in my grid. K8 = E2 in my world. This was my first attempt at applique; I think it turned out fine. I was not comfortable with the idea of needle-turning and I really wanted to get it right the first time, so I pressed the melon seam allowances under, then basted them down. I then basted the melons onto the square and appliqued them one at a time. My square fabric was heavily starched from paper piecing and my applique fabric wasn't starched at all which is exactly backwards! I really need a thimble - much ouching!

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