Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Handkerchief with Tatted Edge

I'm still plowing through the final units of Grand Illusion Clue 3 so I really do not have much new to show yet for all that hard work. The end is near, though, and I am looking forward to it.

Grandma Vivian did the tatting on this vintage handkerchief, and I sewed it on for her.  This time I sewed it on by machine.  I think it looks a bit better but feels like it has a thicker edge, so there is rather a trade-off.

Grandma's tatting is a little more startsie-stopsie than it used to be, but still plenty amazing for 103. This means more knots, which means lots of ends to work into the edge stitch.  Doing this by machine took forever, and I still missed incorporating many loose ends.  It also had serious gaposis in places.  I ended up stitching in the leftover loose ends and remaining gaps by hand.

The linen was somewhat yellowed, especially compared to the white tatting.  I soaked it for a few days in a small leftover Retro Clean soak that had almost completely evaporated from sitting in the spare bathroom for a month or two.  I revitalized the old soak water with hot water and a bit more Retro Clean, then put in the handkerchief.  After a few days of soaking, it came out nice and bright.

One good ironing later and it was folded up to show Grandma.  She was pleased that I had finally finished the sewing.  It will make a nice little addition to the wedding gifts that Grandma has prepared for my two nieces.


Mary said...

Susan that handkerchief is beautiful. It is so nice that you could put the tatting on it for her. How speial for the nieces.

Christine M said...

What a beautiful handkerchief.