Monday, March 23, 2015

Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion - Clue 3 Nearly There, but Still Not Done

I am SO ready for the final, easier Grand Illusion clues.  Clue three is not hard, but there are still lots and lots of units.  I have all the half unit strips completed, and nearly half of those are in their final state.  Now I just have to pin the rest of the half unit strips together, sew them, and iron them.  (Maybe the ironing can wait.  Ironing is my least favorite step, and it is not like I am going to be using these units right away anyway.)

Most of the joins came together OK, but there are plenty that are pretty wonky.  A few of my many whites appear to have been narrower than the rest, and unfortunately they have no stretch in them at all.  These few strips have been causing me some alignment issues, but I have decided not to fret about them.  This quilt pattern is so busy that my little oopsies should be well hidden.  I will try to do better next time!  

I do love these colors.  The grass greens are a special favorite of mine.  We drove back from Shreveport on Sunday, and everything is so GREEN!  Highly unusual.  East Texas has gotten plenty of rain lately and it looks like Ireland... or this quilt.

I hope everyone enjoyed all the quilt show photos.  We're going to try to get permission to publish some more of them, but I have no idea if we will be successful.  In the meantime..

Happy quilting.
Susan in (surprisingly green) Texas


Lawrence Taylor said...

It really does match the spring green in east Texas.

Terry said...

Beautiful spring colors. That is going to be so pretty. Looking forward to more pictures as you progress :)