Monday, March 2, 2015

More Siggies - All Caught Up Now, and the IDIC Ideal

I looked in the one remaining siggy hiding place and there they were, the four last stragglers.  At least, these siggies are not quite so old as the previous batch.  Three of them are from 2014 and one is from 2013.  Two of them are from Germany, including this adorable little owl seamstress from Manuela Ehrke.  Isn't it sweet?  It appears a bit flummoxed by the idea of sewing on a button.  I can relate as I am currently a bit flummoxed by the idea of sewing an inset seam.  I just don't have the knack for them yet.

I love the tiny little hand stamp on this second german siggy.  The little hands are just darling!  I wonder if it is a generic stamp or if Kathleen Peckmonn had a stamp made from the hand print of someone one of her children?  She didn't say.  The newsprint fabric is very distinctive.  I believe, despite the siggy being from Germany, the language of the newsprint is French.  Mais oui!

Mirjam Beeldmann of the Netherlands, loves "too many kinds of hand and needlework, some as shown in my siggy."  I think those in the siggy are bobbin lace spindles (is that the right word?)  The fabric is really interesting too.  I see cross stitch, floss, spools of thread, a scissors, and embroidery all represented.  I have to laugh, if you look closely, the card of floss is labeled "blanc" but it is actually dark brown.  I love sewing related fabric; it seems very popular.  I guess the marketers understand their market better than their colors.  

This pretty little siggy is also from the Netherlands.  In a way, it reminds me of my own siggy:  horses for Texas and tulips for Holland.  Neither Elly or I looked too far afield for our siggy theme.  I love the rich butterscotch yellows of the center tulip and vase, they marry well with the blood red tulips and the siggy fabric.  Luscious!

I believe I am now completely caught up with all the siggies I have received.  I'm still on Annelies' siggy swap list, even though Annelies is not running it anymore.  I haven't initiated a swap in years; however, I am always willing to swap with anyone who wants one.  Just send me an email.  I even have a few siggies made up, so the wait should be shorter than usual.

It was a very poignant weekend with the death of Leonard Nimoy.  My husband and I are huge Trekkies and the loss of Spock is deeply felt by both of us.  If I thought I could do it justice, I would design an IDIC quilt out of my siggies.  I think siggies are reflective of both the Star Trek ideal of infinite diversity in infinite combinations, and of reaching out to make friends and build bridges across cultures.


suemac said...

Everyone did such a great job on their siggy's

Terry said...

Love your siggies. I have so many different ones from all the different DJ Siggy swaps...I only have one together and that was the Birthday Siggy Swap. I think that needs to be my goal for this year, to at least get them to the flimsy stage. Thanks for sharing and for the reminder :)