Thursday, March 5, 2015

Johnny Blocks Completed for Harlequin-Johnny Quilt

I got the sixteen Johnny blocks done for the Harlequin-Johnny quilt I designed last year.  I had been working the sixty-four "siggy" corner blocks as leaders and enders seemingly forever.  Here are the six completed Johnnies I have already ironed:

I'm working on so many projects at once!  Lately I have been rotating through four of the projects regularly:  Harlequin-Johnnie, Dear Jane, Grand Illusion and my leader and ender project, which I'll blog about tomorrow.  Progress is being made, but all four are big, long-term projects, so none of them is getting completed any time soon.  That being said, I'm hopeful that Harlequin-Johnny will be the first flimsy to get completed.  I have already made a good start on the twenty-five Harlequin blocks.  I have paper-pieced all one hundred of the corner pieces.

I have not decided what to do for the setting triangles, since H-J is set on point.  I am out of the Moda Grunge Peacock fabric, so that plan is out, unless I send off for more.  I am going to try to keep the triangles fairly simple; I would like to finish this quilt and put it in the master bedroom.  These colors are perfect for our bedroom since Larry repainted the master suite in Sherwin Williams "Lakeshore".  Larry replaced the previous owner's hideous wallpaper throughout the master bedroom/bathroom suite.  He did an awesome job, and I just love it!

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