Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ironing Board Cover - There's Probably a Better Way

When we bought the house we're in now, back in 1996, there was a big pile of stuff in the garage intended for Goodwill. I rescued this sorry, beat-up ironing board, thinking I could recover it.

It was dirty and in sad shape, but I thought I could easily fix it.
So a mere 13 years later, I got right on it! Larry & I consulted our handy Feng Shui guide, so that a "bad element" wouldn't accidentally be introduced into the "creativity corner" of the sewing room. 8) We decided that a pretty yellow and blue floral couldn't possibly have any "bad vibes".I made a paper pattern about 3" bigger than the top of the board. I pinned the pattern to the back of the floral cotton and rotary cut it out. I used a bit of cotton batting and pinned all 3 layers together, then rotary cut that out too. I added some old muslin for the bottom layer so I now had a quilt sandwich. I then removed the paper pattern and serged all three layers together. OK, this was NOT the genius idea I thought it would be. Despite ample pinning, my "sandwich" slipped all over the place. I had to stop after serging one side, smooth it back down again, then serge the other half. Despite my best efforts, the muslin bulged. Most annoying! I decided to just smoosh the excess under the cord channel and carry on. So I did.Using my walking foot, I sewed over the serged line, leaving a 1" channel for the cord, with a 3" hole to start and finish. You better believe I back stitched like fury to reinforce the edges of that hole! I knew I was going to have to pull like the dickens to get this thick wonky cover to lay flat on the board.
I threaded some kitchen twine on a big plastic needle and pushed it all around the thick channel. Very tiring for the hands that! I pulled and I tugged, then I pulled some more, and finally made a knot. Now it lays nice and flat. I left plenty of extra cord so if I ever need to wash it, the cord won't get lost in the channel. It looks lovely against the wall, which is where it will be 90% of the time (or more). It sure is more attractive now than with the dirty old cover. And it only took me 13 years. 8)


Christine said...

Well done. It looks terrific ... thanks for sending me the link.

Barb said...

Now it is fun to iron!!! Right????

Sue-Anne said...

All the effort was worth it in the end because it looks fantastic!

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Oh boy! Are we ever alike in spite of living clean across the continent!! Are you a long lost sister of mine? I have one of these that's been sitting here for years and I even have all the stuff ready by the board and don't get to it. Mine has a wood top so we're going to staple the edges to it....that's what I need hubby for :-). I'll post pics when I get it done!!


Joan said...

Very impressed with your ironing board cover - I have one the same ...and it is also in a very sorry condition...I may come back and have a closer look to remind me what to do...Your new cover looks remarkable and very bright.

lucy said...

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