Saturday, January 16, 2010

First Steps Baby Quilts

I've had these three Baby Fats "First Steps" tops finished since June and sandwiched since Christmas, so it's definitely time to finish them up.

They are backed with a lovely soft pink Minkee-like fabric, with tiny little embossed stars. I wonder if it will have as much drag as the real Minkee fabric; I was able to do larger stipples than normal because of it. I was able to get my favorite Presencia thread to match the back.
The three tops are very similar, but no two are alike. The first one I'm calling "First Steps" Pink & Blue Striped baby quilt. They are all going to get stippled, but I'm going to have to hunt up some more leftovers to do the binding.
The second is called "First Steps" Yellow, Blue & White. Look how wrinkled it got! Fortunately wrinkles like this don't affect stippling and they all come out in the wash.
And the third is called "First Steps" Yellow, Blue & Pink. I think the reason these three wrinkled so much is that I used a donated batting, much thinner and wrinklier than I normally use. When I spray basted the sandwiches together, this batting "remembered" its wrinkles very well.To say I don't like this batting is an understatement. It still had a bit of cotton seed in it. When I went to pluck it out, it formed a sliver in my thumb. I couldn't get it out for days! lol I'm going to use this stuff up (very carefully) then go back to my old standby.


Barb said...

Love the quilts......

Sorry about the batting.

Sue-Anne said...

The quilts look great. Love the stars on the backing.

Leanne said...

Cute quilts. It is interesting how different battings work.

Terry said...

Absolutely LOVE the quilts :) They are beautiful!!!
For you to keep or do you donate them or sell them??? Being nosey (lol) Looking for somewhere to make quilts for donating, myself.

jnbjourney said...