Monday, January 18, 2010

A Birthday Gift, a Siggy and an Oopsie

Over the holidays, my friend, Virginia, came to visit one afternoon bearing lovely belated birthday greetings. Just look at all this bounty. Two charm packs of Moda's L'amour line, along with 4 coordinating fabrics, a festive post-it block and some of my favorite, hot chocolate. Virginia knows me very well! I'll have to think of something extra good to make with this beautiful fabric. 8)

I also received this lovely siggy from Elizabeth Trenteseaux from Bondues, France. I love the little sewing basket, a popular siggy motif. I looked up Bondues since it was completely unfamiliar to me. It's just north of Lille, almost on the border with Belgium. I looked at the satellite pictures, it looks as though she lives in an area containing attached homes, with narrow, but very deep backyards that back up to a plowed field. Nearby is the Bondues Golf Course with enormous homes on grand lots that look like they could be in Southlake, TX, only with MUCH more lush vegetation. 8)

And finally, I had promised my friend, Brandy, that I would mention the hand crank Singer sewing machine that she has for sale, at the last Blanketeer meeting. I totally forgot about it. She has the pictures on her blog here. It's a very cool old machine. I know Brandy hates to part with it, but she's saving money for an adoption. Just check out all the decals. It seems to be much more heavily decorated than the Featherweights I've seen. I wonder if that is reflective of a more ornate, Victorian era?


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!

Micki said...

I have an old Singer Featherweight ande love it. Lovely siggy!