Friday, April 3, 2009

Three more International Siggies

Another banner week for siggies! Anneke Boon sent me this lovely sewing basket from the Netherlands. It's an iron-on cut-out, I think, perhaps she bought fabric with this motif? It's very much like the anonymous rooster in the post. (I still haven't heard back from her; I'm not sure what to do about an unsigned siggy. Should I just sign it myself?) Anneke lives in Heerhugowaard, which is about 20 miles north of Amsterdam, in the middle of the peninsula that sticks straight out into the sea. In scanning the google satellite photos of the area, it looks like Anneke lives about 6 inches above sea level, very close to the reclaimed lands.

Lucien Callens sent me this pretty kitty from Edegem, Belgium. Edegem looks to be practically a suburb of Antwerp on way to Brussels, which is about 20+ miles away to the south.

Jacqueline Van Ufflelen, also from Belgium, sent me this delicate beaded flower. I love her fabric choice; it's very dramatic! Jacqueline is on the list, but I hadn't sent a siggy to her yet. This siggy came bundled with Lucienne's, so I have to hurry and send one back to her. At least I have a few made up. I just googled Jacqueline. She and Lucienne live only a mile apart. I wonder how long they have been friends. How nice to have a hobby in common!


Barb said...

I love all the siggys that are coming in. I am sure you look forward to the mail each day.

Nanci said...

Susan, I just love those little "ziggy" things...they all look so dainty.

Micki said...

The siggies are so nice! Glad that you are having such a good time being part of the group.

Brandy said...

hey girl.... i'm not going to be able to make it today. sorry for the late notice...i was hoping to have my allergies under control by now. i have 2 finished squares and i believe 2 more kits. i finally got my sewing machines back, but have not had a chance to pull them out. see you friday!