Friday, July 8, 2011

June Completion - Scrappy Blue Nine-Patch

I took a break from blogging, but not from quilting.  With Rachel's help, the scrappy blue nine-patch is now complete.  I'm glad I went with the red border; it really sets it off nicely.
I tried something besides stippling for a change.  I found this method in Fons & Porter's "Love of Quilting", Jan/Feb 2008.  It's called "Continuous Curve Quilting".  It's not supposed to make circles like this; I made mine very curvy.  It's a pretty fast technique, though I should probably have slowed down a bit, but I was in a hurry!
This was the first quilt I ever made where I didn't buy ANYTHING for it.  I had enough of the green backing.  Rachel and I combined similar blues to fill out the sashing, and she had dozens of leftover half-square triangles from somewhere. 
I even pieced the batting,which I had never done before.  It worked fine; I can't even find the seam.
I'll have to remember to bring this quilt to the bee at Rachel's house this Sunday; she hasn't had a chance to see it completed yet.
And now, I'll leave you with a final treat from Krystian.  Yummo! (As Rachel Ray would say.)