Saturday, November 5, 2011

Grandma Vivian's 100th Birthday Party

On Tuesday Grandma Vivian turned 100.

Her favorite grandson gives her a big hug!
"Have you heard?  They're throwing me a party!"
There was singing by the Larks...
And beautiful flowers....
And THREE cakes!!!
And even a tribute from Pastor Mike.
Her son-in-law gives his compliments to the chef.  You can see her "Throne" in the background.
Vivian's granddaughter and great-granddaughter came from Oregon looking festive in red velvet and matching necklaces.
Larry looked too tall next to Dad's tiny girlfriend, Sabra, so he scrunched down for this shot.
"You should wear that more often, Dad.  It looks terrific!" ;)
Vivan's grandson-in-law was the only one who would hold still for a picture; he was trying to take one himself.  Good luck with that, Evan.
A HUGE thank you goes to Edie Maddox, Grandma's Sunday-school teacher, for making all the arrangements.  It never would have happened without you!

Happy Birthday, Grandma! 
We love you!!!