Monday, April 22, 2013

Butterflies Complete for Little Girl's Row Quilt

I finished the applique butterfly row I am contributing to the row quilt my friends and I are making.  I selected the following stitches from the TAST challenge for the butterfly antennas.
TAST #14 - Whipped Stem Stitch
TAST # 15 - French Knots
TAST #43 Whipped Magic Chain
TAST #33 Pekinese Stitch
TAST #9 Couching
I embellished the bodies with  fancy stitches from my new machine; I used a different stitch for each butterfly.  It was fun to try to coordinate the stitch with the butterfly.  I particularly liked how the round design on the purple body mimics the circles on the fabric.
I had lots of fun with this project and I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out.  I was inspired by a video of Ira Glass on creativity on a post over at The Unbroken Thread.  Glass encourages beginners like me to just do the work of creativity, to set goals and even deadlines.  It's a new approach, but it worked for me in this case.  It's easy to get paralyzed by having too many choices to make on a project like this, so surprisingly, having a self-imposed deadline really helped.