Friday, October 2, 2009

Peppers & Pinatas Group Quilt

What a busy summer this has been! I ended up making my own quilt for the Peppers & Pinatas silent auction last Tuesday as well as putting together the group quilt. They both turned out just lovely.
Here is the group quilt right after Larry and I decided which block went where.

It took us about 45 minutes to decide on the layout. We knew we were done when our last three changes got changed back to the way they were.

Here is the quilt top, ready for our quilter, Karen, to work her magic, and what a relief it was to finally turn it over to her for quilting and binding (thanks again for binding it, Karen!)

And here it is upon delivery. I thought it turned out great! Look at the pretty quilted hearts Karen quilted.
That's Virginia on the left, who made 4 of the blocks, and Pat on the right. Pat is coordinating the Peppers & Pinatas silent auction donations.

Let's see if I can remember who did which block: From the left:
Top row: Virginia, me, Sheila, Mary
Second row: Brandy, me, Sheila, Virginia
Third row: Rhonda, Rachel, Mary, me
Bottom row: Virginia, Sheila, Bea, Virginia
Quilting and binding: Karen
Way to go Blanketeers!

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Pat said...

Susan....Barb in American Samoa has asked me to go on her blog and get her mailing address to all who asked for it so they can send pillowcases and kids' clothing. You are one who asked for her address BUT you have no email address to which I can send this information (and I don't want to post it on a blog). SO...if you will email me at, I will get that mailing information out to you. Barb is very appreciative of those who want to help. She is fine and her home, too, but there is alot of death and destruction near to her house.