Friday, October 16, 2009

International Siggy Swap - The Summer Haul

I didn't initiate any swapping this summer, so I was lucky to be chosen by the following four ladies as a swap partner. Here is Inge Slaats' siggy from the Netherlands. I love the bright yellow fabric combined with the little appliqued dutch doll.

Poor Silke in Germany had to wait forever for my return siggy; she caught me at a really busy time! I couldn't even remember if I had sent her a siggy at all. Fortunately a quick email exchange cleared that up. Isn't the giraffe cute? It looks like a pretty postage stamp for kids to me. This was the only one of the four I got this summer that wasn't made of bright fabric. I love the delicate blue plaid.

I had to look at this one closely to understand what I was seeing. My eyes just did not want to read two tiny little mice sitting down to a delicious cheese dinner. lol Tini from the Netherlands sent me this one. I really like the batik she has chosen; I bet no two of her siggies look alike.

This little teddy bear is from Sieglinde in Germany. She has feather stitched the little bear in place and hand-embroidered a leafy box in variagated thread as a frame to the applique. That's a silly blue bit of thread laying on the bear, not a nasty pen stroke or anything bad! I really like the orange fabric; this is not a great picture of it. The fabric is actually bright orange and the little branches blend into the fabric instead of standing out. They aren't really pink either. I really should get a new camera. 8-)


Barb said...

Love the siggies...

Micki said...

The siggies are so much fun to get! Can you imagine the quilt you will have?