Thursday, October 22, 2009

Houston Quilt Show in Detail

Larry and I went to Houston for the Quilt Festival this past weekend. Wow. It was incredible. I was awed by the quilting and artistry that was on display. It was very humbling.

We took MANY pictures of probably 10% of the quilts. I took multiple detailed pictures of many of the quilts. I'm going to be making multiple slideshows so people don't have to slog through hundreds of pictures because I hate that! Here goes:

Tribute to Tolkien by Sue McCarty of Roy Utah. Congratulations on winning the Pfaff Master Award for Machine Artistry ($5000) AND the Viewers' Choice Award ($500).

A Tribute to Jane by Patricia T. Mayer and Karen Watts. The only Dear Jane quilt in the entire show that I could find, and then, not in one of the judged venues, but rather, in the Texas Guilds' Award-Winning Traditional Quilts display area. It is a fine example of the Dear Jane traditional style, with the triangles being done whole-cloth style in muslin, with the original patterns quilted into the cloth. Very very nice!

Best of Show - "On the Wings of a Dream" by Caryl Bryer Fallert of Paducah, Kentucky. Congratulations on winning the Handi Quilter Best of Show Award ($10,000). Ms. Fallert also had four other quilts in the show, one of which, "Watch Master" won First Place in Digital Imagery ($1000). I don't have a picture of that one or "Adelpho", but I do have pictures of her other two entries.

Innovative Artistry - "Clam Session" by Karen Stone of Beaumont, Texas won the Maywood Studio Master Award for Innovative Artistry ($5000). I was fortunate to meet Ms. Stone who graciously posed for a picture with her fabulous quilt and winning ribbon. She calls this a "one patch", ladies!

World of Beauty Award - "Hearts and Garlands" by Liz Jones of Leominster, Herefordshire, UK won the World of Beauty Award ($7500). Ms. Jones was answering questions for the crowd. She claimed that "Hearts and Garlands" took her only 10 months to complete, because she "works very quickly". I'll say! Congratulations, Ms. Jones, on winning the festival's second highest award for your magnificent quilt.

Art - People, Portraits and Figures - This category had four quilts that really caught my attention, including "Bailout" by Liz Joe of Dallas, TX that I featured in my slideshow on the Dallas Quilt Celebration. Another standout is the Australian Entry by Jocelyne Leath of Perth, which won first place ($1000). Congratulations Ms. Leath!

Boston's Fenway Park a group quilt by Bobbie Sullivan, Lynn Conover, Betty Crowell, Ann Marcin, Sandy Gregg, Geri Barr, and Penny Myles of Scituate, MA. Congratulations on your third place finish in the Group quilt category.

Wearable Art - Incredible fashions! I took LOTS of pictures of the 14 entries in this category.


Micki said...

I was at the Houston Quilt show once. This one sounded great!

Anina said...

Thanks for letting me know who made the Jane Stickle quilt.
I knew someone would know.

Barb said...

Wow...I am sure you had an amazing time. I plan to go there one day. We think after we leave here we will try to get huston...then that won't ever be a problem (getting there)