Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dear Jane D-2, Mouse in the Mirror

Inset seams are finally starting to get easier.  I just pinned and sewed more, and fussed and fretted less, and soon "Mouse" was complete.  I thought it would be more difficult than Tinker Toy, but it was actually easier.  Paper-piecing certainly makes it much more straight-forward.  I am now much less worried about completing the harlequin blocks of my Harlequin-Johnny.

D-2  Mouse in the Mirror

I really like how the fussy cutting on this block turned out.  I think the little spirals add lots of visual interest.  One of the things I love about batiks is that you can often change the whole look of the fabric with judicious planning and careful cutting.  I will be reusing many fabrics in my Dear Jane, so I am planning to take advantage of the fluid nature of my batiks.

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Terry said...

Very pretty block. I really need to get my Jane back out and work on it...