Monday, April 20, 2015

Dear Jane - Finishing B-11, Melissa's Cross

I finally finished B-11, Melissa's Cross.  How I love appliqueing circles; no pesky points to irritate me.  I did have to swap out purple and white thread for the applique every time the fabric changed.  I did all the purple, carrying the purple thread behind the white bars, then went back for the four separate white sections.

I think B-11 is one of my favorite blocks.  I love the fabric.  I wish I had more scraps of that batik, but I used up the whole piece on this block.

I am back to using freezer paper for my applique.  I always wonder if I am doing my applique the "right" way.  I have read several sets of instructions on the subject, and their stitches always look so perfect.  My stitches never look perfect.  I usually have to be happy if my stitches do not show and the fabric ends up tightly attached to the ground.  If my curves are smooth, well, that is just a bonus.  lol 

Does anyone besides me wonder if their work is "good" enough?  I might want to show my Dear Jane when it is done, perhaps I will find out then that I am doing "toe-catching" applique.  I knew when I entered "Ethan" in my first show that the quilting was bad because I had problems with bobbin tension, but I never knew the stitches on the binding were supposed to be SO close together.  Live and learn. 

Happy quilting!
Susan in Texas

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Terry said...

Your block is beautiful!!! And yes I always wonder if my work is good enough...I've never entered any of my work, so I don't have a clue how it measures up. All I know is that my family seems to like what I've made them :)