Thursday, April 2, 2015

In the thick of things with Harlequin Johnny

I am right in the middle of paper-piecing 100 units for my Harlequin-Johnny quilt.  I have two neat little stacks of 25 completed units and a messy pile of 40 fully sewn units waiting to be trimmed. 

The remaining ten units are tucked beneath my heavy set of Webster's Third Edition getting nice and flat after being ironed. This is a trick I learned from Sally Collins in her Precision Piecing video.  Whenever I have fabrics that resist being ironed, you know, the kind that thinks it needs to go right back to its original shape no matter how hard you press?   I place it, still hot, under my trusty Webster's and let it cool under there.  Webster's is very convincing!

I am please with the template sizes I used for both fabrics.  You can see I do not have too much waste.   I would call what is left over bigger than slivers, but much smaller than crumbs. (Goodness, my hands are dry!)  Do you recognize the Dear Jane triangle ruler?  It has the best quarter inch line of any of my rulers, and I use it often for trimming paper-pieced units.

You can see the white vintage Avon goblet I use for small fabric trimmings.  This was a piece from my Grandma Ann's milk glass collection.  I will have to take a picture of her much larger milk glass goblet, currently in use holding crumbs.  It is just out of frame here, and is over-flowing with crumbs from Grand Illusion.  I love repurposing vintage glassware so I can enjoy it every day.

Enjoy the process!

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