Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We Saw a Fox!

We went to Vail yesterday and hiked a little bit along the Gore Valley Trail, a really nice blacktopped path that follows the course of the Eagle River at the base of the mountain. We had just finished taking a few pictures on one of the scenic bridges and we saw a fox! I grabbed Larry's arm to get his attention since he didn't see it immediately. It was blocking our path off of the bridge about 20 feet away in the direction we were heading, and it acted like it was planning to cross the bridge! I managed to get several pictures of it while all three of us pondered the situation.
It started to cross over the bridge towards us, so Larry waved his arms to shoo it away. It didn't appear to be frightened of us at all. Probably it's been eating too much people food.

We waved our arms at it some more and eventually discouraged it from coming any closer. We told him that we had seen lots and lots of nature shows on TV and that he was a WILD ANIMAL who shouldn't be trying to make friends with people.

He came around to our point of view eventually and slunk off into the reeds. They really do slink.

This concluded our nature walk for the day and we headed back into town.

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karenfae said...

Susan love looking at your adventures - we have beenn to some of these places too and really enjoy the west (south and north). Looks like you found a lot of nice shops. Love the fox photo -- we have foxes in our area of Arkansas and currently have one or two residing in our woods and they trek through the yard at times and just ignore us while they are walking from one area to another on our land. Karen