Sunday, June 15, 2008

Made it to Santa Fe Yesterday

We did a quilt shop hop Saturday morning in Albuquerque. I have lots of pictures of that, but we're at the Santa Fe Baking Company having breakfast and looking up church times, so I don't have the pictures handy for upload yet and I'll blog about that later. We didn't have internet access at the Pecos Trail Inn last night, so I'm a little behind.

We hurried to Santa Fe after the shop hop and shopped Canyon Road. This is where the road begins:

We saw lots of beautiful pieces of art, but our current rule of "If it doesn't make us cry to leave it behind, then don't buy it" continues to save us money.

Nuart Gallery is one we remembered from our last visit in 2004; (they have changed around a lot!) We enjoyed talking to the man who works here; he went to UT and knows Kelly Fearing, the famous Fort Worth Circle surrealist.

Larry really liked these metal pinwheels. They gave off really interesting optical effects in the wind.

The best piece of art we saw all day was at the Winteroud Gallery. It was an contemporary abstract by Inez Kramer. We had a really nice chat with Alex, the woman who works there.

We dined last night at a place called "Dinner for Two" which specializes in "Continental Fusion" cuisine. It was fabulous. We got to pick the old 2 from column A and 2 from column B thing and had Ceasar salad prepared tableside. We were both surprised that we had lost a pound this morning!

We made a really early night of it last night and slept about 10 hours. Now it's off to church at St. Anne's, then on to Taos and Avon.


Mass at St. Anne's was lovely. They combined English and Spanish in one (English) service better than any other church I have ever seen. Certainly St. Andrew's back home could take a few lessons. It was a tiny church and there was only space for one side of the pews to go to Communion at a time, so they started at the front on the left, worked their way all the way to the back, then continued from the back to the front on the right. I'm glad we could just follow along what the others were doing because we never would have figured it out for ourselves. lol It was also the first church I can remember in ages not proving Communion in both species. Haven't seen that in a while! The music was terrific; there was a flute and at one point I'm CERTAIN I heard bongo drums. We'll definitely remember St. Anne's!

We saw these cute horses in downtown Santa Fe just as we were leaving. We circled the block to go back and get a picture. There are actually four horses, but one horse is shy.

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