Sunday, June 1, 2008

Internation Siggie Swap - Annelies van den Bergh's Siggie

I recently joined the International Siggie Swap coordinated by Annelies van den Bergh in the Netherlands. She sent me this adorable "Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil" sock monkey monkey siggie. When she received my siggie, she sent me the spreadsheet of international swappers. I almost immediately got an email from Marjo van Oers who told me her siggie was on the way. I sent one out to her yesterday.

The list is very heavy with people in the Netherlands. Fortunately the post is excellent between Texas and Holland. She received my siggie in less than a week for just less than a dollar in postage. I'm planning to send a few siggies to women in some of the less well-represented countries on the list; I hope they aren't inundated with requests.


Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Hi there! I googled Annelies's siggies and came accross your blog - I am considering joining the siggie swap and was hoping to get some input from another gal from the States! I see that postage is you ever get more siggies than you can handle? My only concern to join is suddenly getting, like, 30 siggies all at once or something! Lol* How has it been for you? Lol*

Margaret said...

G,Day , I have recently joined the Siggie swap , I am finding the making of Siggies a challenge, and loving it . I hope you find enjoyment as well. Receiving the siggie is one part having a letter arrive in the mail ia another, and the information from the sender about ther part of the country.