Friday, June 13, 2008

Made it to Albuquerque!

Here we are leaving home this morning at about 10am; we decided to get a leisurely start after getting everything ready the night before.
We gassed up and got on the road. We had an immediate problem surfaced as one of our bikes tried to escape before we got as far as Weatherford. Larry's sharp eyed vigilence caught the problem before it had really made its move, and we found that using the extra (seemingly superfluous) strap that we had stashed under the car seat really was a good idea.

West Texas is as exciting as ever, which is to say, not at all! However Larry managed to inject a bit of excitement when he tried to make it all the way to Lubbock on the first tank of gas. Not a good idea! With our car heavily loaded and the bikes weighing it down aerodynamically, he wasn't getting nearly the gas mileage that he expected.

We were running on fumes and were both really glad to see this gas station in Slaton, Texas about 20 miles or so before getting to Lubbock. I was really glad to not have to bike into Lubbock in 100 degree weather carrying our emtpy gas can on the first day of vacation! After this exciting episode we gassed up every time we had to stop for any reason: in Muleshoe and Fort Sumner.

We finally got into Albuquerque at about 8:30pm and found our Sheraton without any problems. It's in a very nice, new neighborhood, with lots of new shopping centers. We found a really nice sushi restaurant, then went looking (and finding) quilt shops recommended by my Dear Jane friends.

It has been a very long day. I'm much too tired to discuss my Sister and Maggie's new tattoos, my Mother's impending engagement or my Brother-in-law's recent "unemployment". Like Scarlet O'hara, I'll think about that tomorrow.

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