Saturday, June 21, 2008

Adorable Dogs

We've seen more cute dogs this trip! Vail Valley has to be the most pet friendly place I've ever seen, with the largest number of stores devoted to canines. We missed taking a picture on Canyon Road of an English Sheepdog wearing his summer 'do'. He was completely shaved and we didn't recognize him without the fluffy coat - they are actually quite slender dogs.
This little cutie was waiting patiently in the car in Leadville (10,200 feet - Top of the Rockies!) while his person was off getting stuff from the convenience store.
These two guys were eagerly awaiting the return of their people in Edwards, CO just west of Avon. Golden Retrievers are definitely the doggies of choice of the people in Colorado. Every third dog you see is a big, patient, furry golden, who is generally being as good as gold like these two.
These two pomeranians ruled the roost at an art gallery in Aspen. They were sporting absolutely adorable lion cuts and were really sweet, pettable pooches.
We saw these two adorable goldens all decked out in hiking gear. Their owner said they don't even mind the hiking boots. Just a few high steps, then they know it's time to get on the trail.

Vail has fountains in the middle of its pedestrian walkways that seem designed for dogs to cool their paws in. These two goldens (we saw golden duos everywhere) wanted to get back into the water and play some more!

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