Friday, June 20, 2008

Glenwood Springs - The Shop Hop Continues

On Tuesday we went to Glenwood Springs, a lovely little town about an hour west of Avon. The ladies of the list told me about a nice quilt shop in the downtown area called simply "Fabric and Quilt Shop". They had a really nice selection of fabric and a large airy space, with many lovely quilts on display.

The ladies were very helpful and friendly (I'm trying to think of a time when this wasn't the case in a quilt shop... nope, all quilt shop people have been helpful and friendly so far, quilting must just bring out the best in people!)

Here are some quilt tops they had on display.

I particularly like the garden style quilt hanging from the loft.

I bought quite a bit of fabric here. I just love these bright, kid-friendly fabrics. They'll make a lovely Project Linus or USO quilt.

And I finally found the sky fabric for my Thunderbirds quilt. Actually, Larry found it. He's developing a good eye knowing what I want after I've described it to him. I'm a lucky woman! I really liked the vibrant scarlet fabric too; I use that color all the time and never seem to have enough of it when I want it.

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