Friday, June 27, 2008

I Dream of Precision Piecing 2 - New Tools

Much of what Sally Collins had to say in her dvd made lots of practical sense. I've always had trouble with the fabric slipping apart on the last inch of sewing. She demonstrated using a stiletto on those last little bits, so I bought one. She recommended using an Omnigrid ruler, with sandpaper dots to hold it steady on slippery fabric, so I bought some of those too. She also recommended using the Machine Seam Gauge & Adhesive Guide. I was a little more doubtful about this gadget. As I recall, she showed how to use it, but then said she depended on her 1/4 inch foot (which I have already) and we never saw the MSG&AG again. I bought it, but I may just use it to verify that my quarter inch foot is actually accurate. I had only gone to JoAnn's today to get the red, white & blue fabric for my Thunderbirds quilt, but then I got sucked into the notions aisle and my priorities shifted. It's probably a good thing I couldn't remember the exact type of extra-fine pins she recommended, or I would have bought those too, despite being positively awash in pins already. I'm a real sucker for notions that are going to improve my entire life! lol

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Rhonda said...

Rule #1....always buy More than you intended......LOL........I always make a list of what I want or I'll take a few swatches with me of the colors I want but....there's always a but.....I some how always wind up with more stuff than I intended....So I made that into my Rule #1.....MORE is good.