Monday, June 16, 2008

Made it to Avon Last Night!

We made it to Avon last night after stopping briefly in Taos for lunch. I wasn't terribly impressed with Taos, but we did have an excellent lunch at Gutiz. We did a Rachel Ray and stopped at the visitors center in Taos first thing and asked for a luncheon recommendation. She recommended Gutiz and told us how to get there. Rachel knows what she's doing! After lunch we wandered around the little Plaza, where Larry bought some t-shirts.

The drive to Avon was very beautiful after we got into Colorado. Scenic Route 24 is gorgeous, without being too scary. (Lots of nice sturdy looking guardrails and the dropoffs were all on the other side.) We stopped in Leadville which is over 10,000 feet high. I didn't know there were any towns in America at that high of an elevation. We wouldn't have known we were that high up if they hadn't been so proud of it (signs everywhere); fortunately neither Larry or I had any signs of elevation sickness, headaches etc.

The room is lovely; we're storing our bikes on the porch so they're out of the way. Avon is gorgeous. The whole town is brand new, with round-abouts around big outdoor horse statues. Very pretty, though the round-abouts can be confusing in the dark when all four exit options look exactly alike.

It's 6:40am, Larry is still sleeping, but I was wakeful so I thought I'd retry uploading some of my images from the trip to Photobucket; it worked much better today than it did last night.

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