Monday, June 2, 2008

Pat Tillman 42 in 42 Challenge Complete

My good friend, Virginia, and I each completed two quilts for the Pat Tillman Challenge which were delivered to the U.S.O. at the DFW Airport on Friday. Our four quilts began their lives as 24 fat quarters plus backing material, because we chose to make the four coordinated baby quilts from the "Baby Fats" quilt book by Susan Jackson and Susan Zieglar.

We were both very happy with how the quilts turned out. They're so cute! See for yourself. Above, being held up by my DH is Baby Blocks, my favorite and the largest and most difficult of the four. Below, from the left are Fancy Free, Chubby Cheeks, Baby Blocks (being held up) and First Steps.

Virginia did Fancy Free and Chubby Cheeks and I did Baby Blocks and First Steps, which was probably the easiest of the four. I love how all the colors work together. We decided on a red, white and blue theme, with gold as an accent.

Here's another picture; it was hard to get them all in one frame. I really liked making these quilts; I thought all four turned out really cute!

These four quilts, along with more than 40 others, were taken to the U.S.O. at DFW Airport on Friday in advance of the Saturday due date of the Pat Tillman 42 in 42 Challenge. They will be offered to soldiers flying through DFW on R&R as part of the program where a soldier may be videotaped reading a book to his or her child. The videotape, book and blanket are then sent home to the child. As a quilting group, we were so moved by the U.S.O.'s presentation on the program last year that we have dedicated our quilting efforts since then mainly to keeping the U.S.O. supplied with blankets. Apparently the quilts are very popular and go like hotcakes!

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