Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My First Quilt Show Entry (and August finish)

Ethan's quilt got done just in time to enter it in the FW Quilt Guild's annual show.  It didn't win a prize, but it was very nice to see it hanging in the show.

Golf and alligators is not an obvious choice for a baby's room, but I gave it my best shot.  My buddy Joe wanted Ethan to be called "Ross Vegas" since he was conceived on a  family trip to Vegas, but he was outvoted, so I named the alligator Ross Vegas instead. 

Anyone familiar with the Masters at Augusta knows that the 11th, 12th and 13th holes make up "Amen Corner".  I decided to incorporate these three holes in the border of Ethan's quilt.

My buddies who golf immediately recognized "Hogan's Bridge" by the 12th green.
Here's Ross playing the 12th.  Sadly, he triple bogeyed 12 and decided to eat the 13th pinny instead of playing the hole.  I quilted the broken 13th pinny on the right side below the larger alligator, and showed the larger Ross Vegas eating his club.
Here's a close-up of Ross still happily playing the 11th hole.  I embroidered "RV" onto his hat so he wouldn't feel nameless - lol.

Joe LOVES Ethan's quilt and is VERY partisan about it.  I ran into him at the show last Friday and he kept going on and on about how my quilt was robbed and deserved to win a ribbon.  He kept asking every lady that walked by if they were in charge because he wanted to register a complaint.  He acted like a complete lunatic and kept me in stitches the whole time, threatening to gather up other ribbons and adorn Ethan's quilt with all of them.  It was only with great difficulty that I restrained him.  lol  It doesn't help that he's a gigantic 6'3" man, fortunately no one seemed too alarmed about it since I was laughing so hard.  What a maniac!
Joe's family especially liked that I incorporated Ethan, his cousin Mayson, his Dad Steven, and Joe on the leader board.  The first four scores are this year's top four winning scores.  Joe's score is the worst actual score ever recorded in a Master's tournament. (Charles Kunkle 1954, before they instituted a cut.)  Joe was pleased with his score, since he doesn't normally shoot in the low 80's.  :o


suemac said...

Such a creative quilt. I agree with your husband, you should have won a prize.

Terry said...

Very creative...definately should have won a prize. So pretty, Love it!

Mary said...

How cute. Good Job!!

Susan In Texas said...

He's NOT my husband! They kept thinking the same thing at the quilt show, but it's NOT TRUE!

Susan in Texas

Annelies vdB said...

What a beautiful and special quilt !

Shirley said...

Such a fun and personal quilt Susan. I am sure it will be treasured for a very long time.

Barb said...

What a fun quilt!!!

Cheri said...

Ethan's right!

Nic said...

Great quilt! And I love that it tells a story

Marydon said...

What a wonderful quilt creation. Yo are very clever.

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Have a beautiful weekend.

Val said...

Ethan's quilt is a fabulous finish. Very creative with the golf theme and the alligator. Sometimes it is a great help to have a definite timeline for projects. The Artists Way seems like a good course but I am chugging along just fine at present. Good luck with it.