Monday, March 28, 2011

Disappearing Nine-Patch Top - mid-Stipple

I ran out of the pink Prescencia thread I'm using for the top of the Disappearing Nine-Patch. Too bad, I was really on a roll. Now I'll have to run over to the Berry Patch at lunch tomorrow to see if I can get some more matching thread. It feels good to be stippling again, but I'm eager to try out the new glued binding method I read about over on Barb's blog. Imagine, a binding that stays put while you sew it down. Inconceivable!


crafty cat corner said...

This glue you are talking about. I am using a glue stick at the moment called 'Lapel Stick'. It's like a pritt stick and I found it on the internet, wonderful stuff. I am using it to stick my hexagons instead of sewing them (round the papers that is) they hold together beautifully when sewing them together and no need to pull tacking out after as the papers just pull out.
Can be used for all sorts of things like applique etc, specially for fabric and water soluble.
Got mine from Ebay.
Hope this is helpful for you

Rosa Robichaud said...

These are quickly becoming my favorite colors!!!! I keep seeing these colors EVERYWHERE!!!

LOVE the Disappearing 9 patch quilt top and you're doing an INCREDIBLE stippling job, too!

Hope you find your thread, Susan!


Judy Sommerfield-Fox said...

Fun colors!! Pink and green reminds me of pickles and ice cream!!

Debi said...

Very pretty colors in this quilt Susan. I will have to try this pattern.

JCnNC said...

Never met a green and pink quilt that I did not like. Lovely quilt. I love Judy L's patterns, especially when I want a complex border. Happy quilting. Judy C

Heather said...

That pink and the green look so fresh and pretty.

Nanci said...

I love the spring colours in this quilt. It says it all.
No one will notice a difference in threads, trust me on that one.