Friday, May 7, 2010

May Completion - The End of an Era

Here it is; the last of the "First Steps" quilt tops, all bound and completed. It really is the end of an era; I've been working on these quilts since June. I think this one was my favorite, with all its deep rich colors.

Plus, the robin's egg blue Minkee is my favorite of the Minkee colors. It's really luscious - so soft and pretty!
This was my best binding so far too; I was actually pleased with the results for a change. I still struggle to get it just right. It's a good thing I'm not too particular. 8)

There weren't even any annoying waves along the edges, or only slight ones anyway. I wish I knew what it was that I did differently to make it come out right THIS time. lol

A big thanks to my DH for helping me get these pictures taken before work today. I had to turn this and the map quilt in at noon today at the Blanketeer's meeting. I didn't even get to enjoy seeing it hanging completed over the stairwell for a few days. 8(