Sunday, July 20, 2014

Catch up with Dear Jane

I haven't gotten tons of quilting, but I haven't totally neglected Dear Jane.  I finished my second triangle, completing the entire first row, triangles and all.

My second triangle: right side, 1st from top.  This one was SO much easier than my first triangle!

I then followed my plan and started on column 1.  I already had completed A-1, so I started right in on B-1.  I love the background fabric.  I think I spent more time auditioning the background placement than I did appliqueing the circles.

Bachelor Buttons B-1

This easy bit of paper-piecing was a real breeze.  Thank heavens Jane threw us a few soft balls like this one.

C-1 Trooper Green's Badge

Alison and I got along just fine too, though it was kind of a bear to iron nice and flat.

D-1 Alison's Guiding Light

I just finished Aunt Exie, though I see I still have some fabric removal to do on the backside.  Oh well, I'll get to that later.

E-1 Aunt Exie's Phlox

I haven't even started F-1 yet.  It's a mix of paper piecing and applique.  I'm making it in my favorite bright green hand-dyed fabric (that I've used for everything *grins* ).  It should really pop!

Monday, May 26, 2014

My First Dear Jane Triangle, LS-1, Nancee's Fantasy

I came close to changing my mind about doing the triangles along with the blocks when I discovered my first triangle is a known "bear".  I persevered anyway, and it didn't turn out to be as hard to make as I had first feared.  I'm actually very pleased with how well it turned out. 

I didn't add any extra seams; instead, I paper-pieced everything but the central "corn cob", which I appliqued on last.  In fact, I believe I followed Anina's directions to the letter, (except I'm pretty sure she didn't specify to catch the excess seam allowance from the upper white triangle next to the applique, in the upper left white triangle seam, then not notice it until it is all put together and you're appliqueing merrily away.  This is a more exciting approach, because suddenly you see a raw edge on the right side of the triangle where no raw edge is supposed to be!  Panic ensues.  I had to remove the top triangular paper-pieced section, then undo the upper left white triangle seam to remove the errant fabric.  HOW did I not notice that earlier?)  I'm glad this one is done.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

"Harlequin Johnny", my New Bedroom Quilt Project

After MUCH laboring over color choices, my husband and I finally selected a new paint color for our master bedroom, "Lakeshore" by Sherwin Williams.  My DH did a terrific job with the painting; the pictures are hung; the master bathroom has been painted to match, but now the old pink & white quilt on the bed totally does not match.

I played around in EQ7, finally settling on this design:

I'm calling it "Harlequin Johnny" in honor of the two blocks that make up this on-point quilt, "Harlequin" and "Johnny Round the Corner".  

"Harlequin" (seen in the top row of the quilt) contains yellow edge pieces.  My design puts this typically "on-point" block on its side, leaving the center squares sitting flat.  I've kept the characteristic harlequin two-toned corners around the center square, but muted their impact by making them shades of blue.

"Johnny Round the Corner" contains no yellow, and this design puts its center square on point.  I love "Johnnie's siggy square corners.  Can you see them?  There are four tiny little siggies per block.  I love siggies, so these are a treat!

I purchased these fabrics  and this fabric in Phoenix specifically for this quilt.  My DH helped me select the colors.  I have never made a queen sized quilt before, so I'm definitely planning to send it out for quilting.

The look of it reminds me a tiny bit of Celtic Solstices, which I love, by Bonnie Hunter, but I'm afraid it's going to be harder to put together.  Let's just say that I should be really good with cutting weird angle pieces and sewing slightly inset seams after I finish piecing this bad boy!  Wish me luck.  ;)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Phoenix Shop Hop - Part 3, Sedona

I'm saving the best for last.  
What can I say?  Everything's just better in Sedona.  lol

The outside is simply spectacular.  
I've never seen a quilt store so artfully landscaped.

The weather was gorgeous too.  
Sedona is at 5000 feet, so it was much cooler than Phoenix, 
which was starting to get a bit hot.

Sedona is visually stunning all the time, 
but in springtime everything is abloom with color.

Batiks are apparently very popular in Sedona.
I was in heaven.
I'm the pink blur in the background, trying to take it all in!

Like all great quilt stores, 
this one seems much larger on the inside than it appeared from the outside.

The Quilt Store in Sedona has much more than just batiks.
They teach a class on how to make the "Out of the Box" quilt below from all your bright charm packs, pops and scraps.

They carry many unique kits... 

 ...and panels I hadn't seen anywhere else.

They also feature "Upcycled Fiber Art" for sale by Mary Jardine, 
which reflects the beauty and character of the Sedona area.

Mary's work is exquisite!

We both loved the coyote howling at the moon.
They have this as a pattern and a kit as well;
it's called "Sedona Serenade".

I couldn't resist their selection of brown dots; 
I guess my Dear Jane will sport more spotted browns.

I'll definitely be coming back to the Quilter's Store in Sedona.

Well, that's all for this trip.
It was great fun checking out new quilt stores and revisiting old friends.  
As always, we asked permission before taking photos, and we avoided taking direct close-ups of copyrighted material.
Everyone was most gracious.
I can heartily recommend Phoenix and Sedona as quilting destinations.

Phoenix Shop Hop - Part 2

We went straight on to Quilter's Ranch, a delightful store down in Tempe, south of Scottsdale, where we were staying.

Quilter's Ranch had a really terrific selection of batiks.

This modern store has very  recently changed hands.  
I asked what sort of fabric the new owner was planning to focus on and I was told it would be "whatever the new owner likes."

I hope they keep the focus on batiks; I think they will for awhile.  
I watched a lady who works there open a giant box of new batiks.  
It was like Christmas morning.

I really enjoyed the southwest flavor of the store.
Check out the quilt on the left below;
I think it might be of an eagle katsina.
Call me a biased Bernina-girl, but Bernina stores are always nice!

I was still on the hunt for the perfect gold to coordinate with my new batiks, and I found it here.  Yippee!

We went straight over to Quiltz, which had moved to a new (more convenient) location since the last time I visited.

Larry always takes the external shot first, then comes in and asks permission to take photos in the store.  
Before he could even ask, the son of the Quiltz owner had called his dad to tell him someone was taking pictures.  
Larry was immediately questioned about it on entering.  
My smarty-pants hubby replied, 
"I'm casing the joint so I can steal all your expensive fabric!" 
Then they both laughed.

No shortage of terrific batiks here either, 
and was that another bed?

 In addition to a great fabric selection, Quiltz has oodles of notions.

I loved the way they hung this vintage hexie quilt.
It acts as a visual room divider and keeps the store from seeming cluttered.

It is certainly in good condition for being 65-75 years old.

I always enjoy this store.  
I remember I found the perfect backing material for our Quilt of Valor on my last visit.

They had a large selection of black ad white fabrics; 
I love the aprons with the pink trim!

 They also carry some lovely southwestern fabric, including this snazzy cowboy panel.  
I was tempted, but I have a poor history of completing panel quilts. 

I settled for a half dozen of their gorgeous batik fat quarters for my Dear Jane quilt.  Discipline!  lol

On to Part 3 of the Shop Hop - Sedona here we come!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Phoenix Shop Hop - Part 1

My DH and I recently spent ten lovely days in Scottsdale, and I couldn't spend time there without checking out the Phoenix-area quilt stores.  My sweet hubby agreed to do the photography, and I think he did a terrific job - much better than I would have done!

Our first stop was a shop we had visited previously, The Olde World Quilt Shoppe.

This is the most beautifully quilt shop I've ever seen.  

It's all charming, from the bed and bathtub to the little lamb and vintage machine...'s just darling!

They have a lovely array of woolens.  
I couldn't resist a small wool "charm" pack, which I had never seen done anywhere else before. 

They carry lots of choice cottons too, and true to their name, they have a fine selection of repro and traditional fabrics.

Their pattern selection was wonderful too.  I couldn't resist a woolen snowman pattern.

Since I was really in the market for batiks, which sadly, Olde World doesn't carry, I satisfied myself with the wool charm pack, the snowmen and some thread to match the handwork I had brought along (and never touched).

Our next stop was 3 Dudes Quilt Shop, much further south, almost to Tempe, and well worth the trip! 

This was another darling store.  
I love all the beds and charming knickknacks (check out the toy sewing machines on the lower shelf - so cute!)

 I hit the batik jackpot here; they had a terrific selection.  
I ransacked the display at the foot of the bed.  
Larry just painted our bedroom, and I'm actually making a quilt to keep for a change.

This was a lovely, airy store, with tons of fabric...

a great selection of patterns, and many interesting features.
Is that a goose decoy I see?  Interesting choice. ;)

Perhaps this treadle feels more at home.

And is that a stove displaying their magazine collection?  
(I told Larry to capture all the features of interest;
I never noticed it was a stove until just now.  lol)

I think I spent the most $$$ here; the batiks were awesome.  
The four on the right are earmarked for my bedroom.  
Love the colors!!!  
And look, they gave me a cool tote as a shopping bag.