Sunday, May 18, 2014

Phoenix Shop Hop - Part 3, Sedona

I'm saving the best for last.  
What can I say?  Everything's just better in Sedona.  lol

The outside is simply spectacular.  
I've never seen a quilt store so artfully landscaped.

The weather was gorgeous too.  
Sedona is at 5000 feet, so it was much cooler than Phoenix, 
which was starting to get a bit hot.

Sedona is visually stunning all the time, 
but in springtime everything is abloom with color.

Batiks are apparently very popular in Sedona.
I was in heaven.
I'm the pink blur in the background, trying to take it all in!

Like all great quilt stores, 
this one seems much larger on the inside than it appeared from the outside.

The Quilt Store in Sedona has much more than just batiks.
They teach a class on how to make the "Out of the Box" quilt below from all your bright charm packs, pops and scraps.

They carry many unique kits... 

 ...and panels I hadn't seen anywhere else.

They also feature "Upcycled Fiber Art" for sale by Mary Jardine, 
which reflects the beauty and character of the Sedona area.

Mary's work is exquisite!

We both loved the coyote howling at the moon.
They have this as a pattern and a kit as well;
it's called "Sedona Serenade".

I couldn't resist their selection of brown dots; 
I guess my Dear Jane will sport more spotted browns.

I'll definitely be coming back to the Quilter's Store in Sedona.

Well, that's all for this trip.
It was great fun checking out new quilt stores and revisiting old friends.  
As always, we asked permission before taking photos, and we avoided taking direct close-ups of copyrighted material.
Everyone was most gracious.
I can heartily recommend Phoenix and Sedona as quilting destinations.


JJ said...

I love how every quilt store has its own personality.

margaret said...

what a wonderful sore and the quilt is amazing, so many colours wow. I too love batiks, trying to build up a collection at the moment