Saturday, May 17, 2014

Phoenix Shop Hop - Part 1

My DH and I recently spent ten lovely days in Scottsdale, and I couldn't spend time there without checking out the Phoenix-area quilt stores.  My sweet hubby agreed to do the photography, and I think he did a terrific job - much better than I would have done!

Our first stop was a shop we had visited previously, The Olde World Quilt Shoppe.

This is the most beautifully quilt shop I've ever seen.  

It's all charming, from the bed and bathtub to the little lamb and vintage machine...'s just darling!

They have a lovely array of woolens.  
I couldn't resist a small wool "charm" pack, which I had never seen done anywhere else before. 

They carry lots of choice cottons too, and true to their name, they have a fine selection of repro and traditional fabrics.

Their pattern selection was wonderful too.  I couldn't resist a woolen snowman pattern.

Since I was really in the market for batiks, which sadly, Olde World doesn't carry, I satisfied myself with the wool charm pack, the snowmen and some thread to match the handwork I had brought along (and never touched).

Our next stop was 3 Dudes Quilt Shop, much further south, almost to Tempe, and well worth the trip! 

This was another darling store.  
I love all the beds and charming knickknacks (check out the toy sewing machines on the lower shelf - so cute!)

 I hit the batik jackpot here; they had a terrific selection.  
I ransacked the display at the foot of the bed.  
Larry just painted our bedroom, and I'm actually making a quilt to keep for a change.

This was a lovely, airy store, with tons of fabric...

a great selection of patterns, and many interesting features.
Is that a goose decoy I see?  Interesting choice. ;)

Perhaps this treadle feels more at home.

And is that a stove displaying their magazine collection?  
(I told Larry to capture all the features of interest;
I never noticed it was a stove until just now.  lol)

I think I spent the most $$$ here; the batiks were awesome.  
The four on the right are earmarked for my bedroom.  
Love the colors!!!  
And look, they gave me a cool tote as a shopping bag.

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carolyn0944 said...

That is indeed a beautiful shop..hope to see it in person