Saturday, August 15, 2015

Singer Restoration Saturday - Singer Emblem Removal

The brass Singer Manufacturing Company badge, all shiny and new again.

Shiny again
Removing the badge on the front of the throat is tricky.  It is held in place by two brass pins, which are pushed through the holes in the badge and the throat, and then are bent over inside. It isn't easy to reach these pins, straighten them out, and push them back out again.

What is not as hard is to break the pins at the bend when trying to straighten them, and then gently pry them loose. With this badge, I was able to get one of the pins out intact, but I broke the other one.

The shinier areas on the badge are where dirt flaked off while working the pins loose.

What you are left with is a clean spot on the machine, and a number worked into the metal of the body.

Relatively Clean Spot

Sometimes I think the expected way to remove the badge is to clip off the pins, pull off the badge, and replace them with all new pieces.  And sometimes I think you're not supposed to remove the badge at all!



Peachie6560 said...

How did you clean it? I have ordered a replacement for my machine. The pins were broken off so not sure how I will attach it.

Valerie Simonton said...

I bought my Singer 66 over 55 years ago and it never had a badge in that time. Now, I'm refurbishing it and bought a nice brass badge, but I can't figure out the best way to connect it. I could epoxy it on, but is there a better way? Thank you.


VJ said...

I used Noxnon metal polish and it now look like new.