Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tatting Tuesday - Dragon Wing Progress

I took the pattern for the Flying Minor Norwegian Dragons, which I had found to be very complex and confusing, and broke it down further into instructions for each shuttle used on each feature. Maybe I'm just too new to tatting, but I could not keep straight which shuttle was supposed to do what once I got past the first couple of rings.

With the augmented pattern, and working in two colors for clarity, I was able to produce:

Dragon Wing two-color test using Augmented Pattern
This is what the wing is supposed to look like, up to the point I ran out of gold thread on the shuttle. The fourth (and last) row on the wing is very similar to the third row, except for joining to the body in several places.  It should not be too bad.

With the tested new pattern in hand, I have begun an all-white wing.

Snow Dragon Wing using Augmented Pattern
I can see I've already made one mistake: the second ring on the left side should not have a picot on it. Oh, well, it should not disrupt the structure of the remaining work, and maybe the wing will look good with one more "claw" on the leading edge.  As long as I remember to make a matching mistake on the other wing, I think it will be okay.


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