Monday, August 31, 2015

Harlequin Johnny - Building the curves

I am deep into paper-piecing the Harlequin-Johnny piano key setting triangles.  What a lot of work this has turned out to be. Confusing too.  I'm trying to keep the colors in the right order, you can see my cheat sheet taped to the sewing machine for easy reference.

I had to cut lots and lots of strips, all about 1.5" wide, but of varying lengths.  All told, I need strips of seven different lengths.  I am running low on several of the fabrics.  That lonely pale turquoise strip in the middle of the cutting board is my very last piece of turquoise.  I am cutting it VERY close.  

I'm doing all strips of the same length at the same time, starting at one edge and moving across the paper.  Here I have all the strips of a single length sorted in order, waiting to be paper-pieced to the setting triangles.  They don't look like they are the same length, do they?  Well, at least they need to cover the same amount of paper.

Many of the strips needed ironing.  Larry helped me out with this tedious chore.

And here is my least favorite task:  ironing the strips after they have been sewn.  I'm sewing a strip to each of the sixteen setting triangles, then trimming all 16, then ironing all 16.  Lather, rinse repeat.  It is interesting to see the sets grow, but argh!  There are thirteen strips per setting triangle.  They are too large for my Clover craft iron, so I am moving the whole bunch to the ironing board between sewing on each strip.  I am ready to be done with these.

Is it time for a nice Dear Jane block yet?  I am SO ready!  Maybe I will do two blocks this time.  lol

Happy quilting!
Susan in Texas

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margaret said...

you have a good system here for your blocks certainly a conveyor belt! fingers crossed the fabric is sufficient to complete it all can`t wait to see it.