Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Harlequin-Johnny: Setting Triangles

They are not much to look at yet, but I finally got the setting triangles for Harlequin-Johnny designed the way I want them.  Instead of using split Johnny blocks as I had originally planned, I decided to go with piano keys.  I created the design in Electric Quilt 7, but my printer refused to cooperate.  I took the partial output and copied the pattern onto tracing paper.

I took the pattern to Kinko's and had copies made on oversize paper.  They somehow managed to lose my outer seam allowance, but that's OK, I will just cut them out a bit larger all around.  This piano key border should be super easy to paper piece.  Also, the "log cabin" edge forming the right triangle should make it very forgiving as to size.

Now I just have to decide on colors.  I am planning to use all five fabrics (red, gold, light turquoise, dark turquoise, and the batik) for the keys, probably with red as the edging.  I want the colors in the piano keys to vary.  I will probably just organize the colors in a set pattern, then start at one end and go.  Since there are 13 "keys" and only five colors, that should result in plenty of variation.  

Did you notice the curved edge?  That scares me to death!  I am going to try to add a border to the curved edge.  (If that proves impossible I figure that I can always cut it straight across.)  I am hoping I can find an online tutorial for handling curves; if not, I will just have to make it up as I go along!

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margaret said...

sounds a good plan and the colours are a good mix