Monday, August 3, 2015

Dear Jane C-7, Megan's Mountain Laurel Completed

I finished Megan's Mountain Laurel.  I love how the paper-piecing came out, but the applique is only OK - those extra sharp points are a bear to get perfect.  Clocking in at 45 pieces, this block took some serious time to complete.  I finished the paper-piecing on Friday, prepared the applique on Saturday, then started working on it Sunday at the Blanketeer Bee.  With those sharp points, I should probably have attempted reverse applique, but all my previous attempts at reverse applique have turned out just awful! 

The next few blocks in Row C are much simpler than "Megan." What a relief!  Looking at it objectively, the case could be made that Row C is one of the most difficult rows in the entire Dear Jane quilt.  Sure, it does not contain "Papa's Star", but Row C is full of blocks with pointy appliques, and lots of complex paper-piecing - sometimes on the same block.  It makes me look forward to D-13, everyone's favorite siggy block.  

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margaret said...

I so admire you with Dear Jane this is a great block , how many ave you done now, take it you are doing them in order so plenty more to go. I have definitely decided Dear Jane is not f me far to fiddly so will have to pass the book on to someone who would like to have a go. Does not stop me loving what you are doing and watching your progress though