Thursday, August 6, 2015

Leaders and Enders - Lots and Lots of Half Square Triangles

This is the first time I have revisited my leaders and enders project in quite a while on the blog, and has the stack ever grown.  I have 946 half square triangles made up already.  I need (at least) 1024, so I am closing in on my goal.  I start with two 3" squares, which make two 2-5/8" HSTs unfinished, which end up as two 2-1/8" finished squares after they are sewn together.

Interest in leaders and enders is surging over in Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville, where there is a tumbler challenge just beginning.  If you are not doing leaders and enders, you should consider joining that.  Leaders and enders are a terrific way of 1.) getting lots and lots of units done with very little effort, 2.) a great way to save thread since there is always something under your needle, 3.) a wonderful way of using up small scraps of fabric. 

Each of my HSTs start with one square of black toned fabric and one of something very bright for contrast.  According to Larry, who did the big "counting" last night for me, I now have:

      • 63 pink and black HSTs
      • 150 red and black HSTs
      • 96 orange and black HSTs
      • 95 yellow and black HSTs
      • 158 green and black HSTs
      • 210 blue and black HSTs
      • 74 purple and black HSTs
      • 100 multi-colored and black HSTs

I will have to be careful from now on or I will overshoot my goal of 1024 units.  After I have 1024 HSTs, I will be sewing them into four patch units.  It won't be long now!

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margaret said...

not many to go now you certainly have got a long way towards your target. I bought a 5" tumbler template yesterday to have a go at blocks but do not plan to have a go yet too many other projects mounting up