Sunday, August 9, 2015

Six on Sunday - Week 13

We have made it to Week 13! A whole quarter of a year, pulling out a few items a week that we don't need to keep, and getting them out of the house.  So far our closets have been the main beneficiaries, but other rooms are beginning to benefit as well.

Susan continues to work through the clothes in her closet, looking in a box of older things tucked away. She has now managed to consolidate two boxes of clothes down to one, so that's one less box taking up room in her closet.

Six tops and shorts - 3 pounds
Some of these things were old favorites, and been worn until they were almost worn out.  And one had never been worn, never even had the tags removed! I guess this is one time I bought something for Susan, and she didn't really like it, but it never got returned for a refund.

Larry is cleaning out the cabinets in the master bathroom, and moving on to find things in other rooms as well.

Bag of expired meds, two free totes, old exercise program, old CD player, old pair of socks - 5 pounds
The medications in the bag were all expired, or boxes that were emptied and consolidated with another (who needs a box for 2 band-aids?). The free totes were sent unsolicited by various charities in their requests for donations. We tried the exercise program, but found it to be too vigorous, too hard on our joints. And I rarely wear brown socks; they just don't go with the pants I usually wear - black slacks, or jeans, or shorts.  In fact, the brown loafers that I've had for many years (because I wear them so infrequently they never wore out) have become my painting shoes, just so I can get some use out of them!


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